DNA Methylation

What is DNA Methylation? . DNA methylation is a biochemical reaction that adds a methyl group to DNA nucleotides. The methylation of DNA has been found to alter the expression of genes in cells during development. BSI can help you… Read More ›

What are MicroRNAs and what do they do?

MicroRNAs are small non-coding single-stranded RNA molecules MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small non-coding single-stranded RNA molecules consisting of approximately 21 to 22 nucleotides that regulate posttranscriptional gene expression in metazoans and plants. miRNAs are usually generated from noncoding regions of gene… Read More ›

How can MicroRNAs be descriped?

Nomenclature of MicroRNAs Since hundreds of human miRNAs and thousands across other species have been identified, a system of nomenclature has been adopted and names are designated to specific miRNAs before publication of their discovery. Foe annotation experimentally confirmed microRNAs… Read More ›

What are microRNA (miRNA) mimics?

MicroRNA (miRNA) mimics are innovative biomolecules useful for research in gene targeting, antisense and cell reprogramming approches miRNA mimics are innovative molecules designed for gene silencing approaches. miRNA mimics contain nonnatural or  artificial double stranded miRNA-like RNA fragments. These RNA… Read More ›

Stapled Peptides

Peptide mimics useful for the modulation of protein and receptor signaling and subsequent gene expression By Klaus D. Linse Synthetic peptides that specifically bind to proteins such as cytokines, protein hormones, and nuclear hormone receptors offer an alternative approach to… Read More ›