Oligo Synthesis

DNA Methylation

What is DNA Methylation? . DNA methylation is a biochemical reaction that adds a methyl group to DNA nucleotides. The methylation of DNA has been found to alter the expression of genes in cells during development. BSI can help you… Read More ›

Oligo Nucleotide Calculater

Oligo Designer Oligo Desinger is a comprehensive web-based tool available at Biosynthesis which calculates the various physiochemical properties of oligonucleotides based on their sequence. Listed below are the application user can access from the tool: Calculates the chemical formula Calculates… Read More ›

What are MicroRNA sponges?

MicroRNA sponges are decoy targets for miRNA seed families ! Ebert, Neilson & Sharp in 2007 report how to make decoy targets for several microRNA seed families, and named them ‘microRNA sponges’. Furthermore the researchers tested their ability to derepress… Read More ›